This sounds awesome! So how much is it really going to cost?

Like what's included in a particular Seniors+ session option? Great, because the listed price is exactly what you'll pay. Even the tax is included.

Of course, you can always add more options to any session, like additional session time, more prints (including larger prints, albums, banners, posters, etc.), or one of our jaw-dropping composites.

We believe buying photography services shouldn't be like shopping for a car, so you'll never experience the hard sell or questionable bait-and-switch tactics. You'll know exactly what you're buying and how much it will cost before you book your first session.

To ensure we can reserve your session(s), we require a nonrefundable booking fee to be paid at the time you or your parent/guardian sign a session agreement. The booking fee comprises 50% of the minimum investment for your chosen session and covers our pre-production costs, from the consult and ongoing communications to the development of your custom shooting plan and guaranteed date reservation(s).

With your booking fee, we will schedule your pre-shoot consult, your shoot date(s), and your selections appointment.

The balance due (for your minimum investment and any add-ons) must be paid no later than the pre-shoot consult. We offer a variety of payment methods including a convenient installment plan.

When is my payment due?

Yes! The consult is when we explore all the fun and exciting ideas you have and begin to define your custom shooting plan. We'll discuss wardrobe, hair and makeup (as appropriate), props, locations, as well as the look and style of your images. We will also thoroughly review what you can expect from your experience and how to prepare so you can get the most out of it.

After the initial consult, we will continue to collaborate with you right up to your shoot(s), so all of your energy on shoot day can be devoted to getting the most amazing images of your life.

Do I really need to schedule a pre-shoot consult?

What is a Gift Print?

A Gift Print is any standard photographic print 8x10 in size or smaller (basically what you'd want to give out as gifts rather than hang above your sofa). Each session includes a number of these prints along with the social media-ready digital files. You can get any combination of sizes or all the same size. You can make each print a unique image selection or make them all the same selection. It's totally up to you.

What if I want larger prints or other print products like albums, fine art posters, or banners? How much will those cost?

Of course, we would be delighted to have you add larger prints or other specialty print products to your order. We will review all of the details associated with these items before you sign a session agreement so that you'll know exactly what everything will cost. Due to the incredible array of products and options available, there just isn't space here to explain them all in sufficient detail, but rest assured, you can get your images printed on paper, canvas, metal, and even acrylic, at sizes that will make your images truly stand out.

Yes! Our Seniors+ Complete option enables you to trade up to larger prints. Due to the enormous variety of print options we offer, there isn't space here to describe every scenario, but we will be happy to review your options during the planning consult.

Can I substitute a larger print for some of the included Gift Prints?

A composite is a custom piece of art that is based on a photograph of you we shoot in the studio and then combine with other elements (photographs, textures, 3D renders, etc.) to create something truly unique. Whether it's outlandish scifi, dramatic sports, high fantasy, or something just the other side of reality, if you can dream it, we can create it.

The average price for a composite typically falls in the range of $300-$500, and is based on the pre- and post-production complexity involved. Simple background changes cost less, so if you think your hot outfit would look even hotter in some exotic location, we've got you covered. We'll help you hone your ideas and quote a firm price as part of the consult process.

What is a composite and how much do they cost?

Yes! You can include one other person in some of your session pictures, whether that special someone is a friend, sibling, parent, grandparent...the choice is yours. There is no fee to include another person during the typical session, just a simple, flat fee of $40/image for any final selection that includes a second person.

Can I include another person in my pictures?

You will actually have the opportunity to see some of your raw images during the shoot itself, but your selections appointment is when you will see your professionally culled proofs and make your finished image selections.

For friends and family who are interested in ordering prints of your images but are unable to attend the selections appointment, we provide a special private online proofing gallery for you to share.

When can I see my images?

Yes! You or members of your family are welcome to order additional prints either during the selections appointment or up to two weeks afterward from any proof option. After that time, because we do not retain non-selected proofs, only prints of final image selections may be ordered for up to one year after the selections appointment.

Can my family or I order more prints at a later time?

The PHILIP D SENIORS+ DigiSync album is a custom smart device app for iOS and Android that features up to 20 of your favorite image selections plus any additional information you want to share like graduation details, personal accomplishments, inspirational quotes--whatever matters most! Sharing the app is as simple as sharing a web link and there's no limit to the number of people who can download your album.

The PHILIP D SENIORS+ music video is a stylish way to share your favorite image selections, behind-the-scene shots, quotations, and personal accomplishments in a motion graphics form set to music. We work with you to design a video that reflects your unique style, then we host your video on our dedicated SENIORS+ YouTube Channel, so sharing your video is as simple as sharing a web link. Use your video to announce your graduation or just celebrate your high school experience; we'll even create a QR code you can include in printed announcements!

Tell me more about the DigiSync album and music video!

Depending on your session and whether you added any additional time, prints, composites, or other people in your shoot, your prints will be ready 4-6 weeks after ordering. Social media-ready digital files and digital products like the DigiSync album and SENIORS+ music video will be ready 3-4 weeks after your selections are made. Specialty work, such as composites may take longer depending on their complexity.

When will my images and prints be ready?

SHORT ANSWER: No. We don't use a rep model anymore.

LONGER ANSWER: Rep models and other sales pressure tactics are counter to our business philosophy. We are not a high-volume senior business seeking to shoot with every senior; in fact, we limit the number of seniors we shoot with each year so that we can offer those seniors a once-in-a-lifetime experience and incredible images they just can't get anywhere else. If you're a senior whose desire to create unique and compelling images rivals our own, we're confident that you'll love your SENIORS+ images so much that you won't need an incentive to share them.


Do you have a rep program or offer other incentives?